Monday, 19 May 2014


Now this is really just a chapter in a much longer story. I have shared some of it with you but most of it isn't really very exciting but as you know if you have read my past ramblings I finally kicked the anti- depressants and waved them cheerio. That was a good few months ago.

Around the same time a most lovely friend of mine who is rather wise in all things good for the soul happened to post a picture on her Facebook page of a cuppa turmeric tea. It was one of those moments where I though mmmm that looks tasty I'm going to try that, little did I know that it would indeed start a cascade of changes that would completely re jig so many parts of my everyday.

You see Facebook and instagram aren't all evil......;)

So I drank a cup of yellow tea, I was hooked
(though a big spoonful of honey or in my case sweet freedom did make a difference) and in my usual way consumed many more cups of delicious tea over the next week or so. One morning I got up and thought to myself hold on my back isn't hurting...why is this so....typed away of the tin'ternet and found the amazing info that is out there regarding turmeric. So I went out and purchased it in tablet form as there was far too much almond & coconut milk being fact could of probably kept a small army in drinks for a year to two.

So tablets morning and back pain. This is fab I thought but that little cynical parrot muttered in my ear and so I stopped the turmeric to see if it was making a difference or my back had repaired itself. Ten days later my back began to ache and so straight back on the turmeric and within a week or so back to pain free...phew. I am a convert to the yellow powdery stuff and indeed it will be something I take for life.

The next chapter takes a bit of a twist....with lots of fruit and vegetables, a rather loud machine and a good old clear out...that indeed is a tale for another day.


  1. Ha I have also just found out about turmeric's lovely properties.
    I haven't tried ingesting it yet but good to hear it has this effect on your back. Great stuff, hope it carries on!
    I'm making face masks with it to try and get ride of some sun spots. Too early to tell if it works... fingers crossed :)

  2. I love fresh turmeric, you can get it in Asian stores...

  3. thanks for this Rachelle, hubby's back playing up at the mo, may give this a try! x

  4. So glad to see you back in blog land Rachelle. I will certainly be adding turmeric to my vitamin regime. I wonder if it will help with my broken knees, the reason I am not in UK as planned. I don't know if I can get that lovely looking mag in NZ. The ads said UK only. Love your coats and hope to see your shop for real on my eventual trip whenever, now that both knees need major attention. Meanwhile I will look forward to your posts and try to use my enforced rest constructively. Cheers, and blessings, Trills. Xxx

  5. Hello Rachelle, I've found your blog through reading that lovely article about you!

    Ooh I know how nasty a sore back can be. I've been suffering from back pain for some time now, together with migraines, which ares o debilitating. I didn't know about turmeric tea or the benefits of turmeric in general. I shall go check it out myself so thanks for the tip.

    Congratulations on your new shop too!


  6. ah yes - anti inflammatory tumeric.

    We seem to be living parallel lives. I kicked my antidepressants in Feb after 10 years and went on a very big adventure.
    Hmm,,,, tumeric tea - must be better than the decaf tea I'm drinking now.

  7. Hello Rachelle, I stumbled upon your blog a while back and i am happy i did though most of your ways,habits are entirely new to me as we both are oceans apart..reading this post,i just wanted to tell you that here in my country,India, 'turmeric' is a must in every house.Every year, in peak summer, most of the households prepare a mix of turmeric,dried red chillies and few other spices(cumin etc) and store it in ceramic lasts for a whole year and we use it daily in our cuisine.Apart from that we use turmeric alone for cosmetic purposes, in curries, and many others too..If you want, i can share few recipes which you can easily adapt to..We also give turmeric milk to children when they catch cold..Sorry for the long comment..just wanted to share..hope you dont the way,i love all pics on your blog :-)


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