Friday, 28 March 2014


Crocus are blooming and the little yellow trumpets are waving their heads about calling out that spring its on its way. There I am the same every year eager to welcome back the light and cast off the shackles of layers, stop lighting fires and switch off the radiators only to suffer for most of March as it turns nippy again, everyone is freezing and I'm cold to my bones....never will I learn!

Recently I revisited an old morning ritual of lemon in hot water, it somehow got lost over the childhood years and was replaced with some rather strong coffee...two cups at least to give me strength to cope with early morning feeds, breakfast and general chaos.

There is a lot to be said for the humble slice of lemon in hot water to start your day but this time I have super charged it to hopefully give me a bit of a zing and a boost to my immune system.

A blend of lemons, limes, ginger, a clove or two of garlic and a red pepper taken in hot water every morning certainly has been an acquired taste but I am actually starting to enjoy it ( tho truth be told the last couple of mouthfuls have to be glugged down pretty quickly) and who knows whether it is doing any good or not but I do feel a little sparkier most mornings which feels like a return to my former self.

I was always up with the lark, an early riser enjoying the quiet time of the day before the world stirred but the last couple of years have seen a shift in my patterns and late night crappy film watching & struggling to get out of bed have become more the norm. I don't like it and I need to swap things around.

So if you fancy pulling a bit of a face in the morning but want to clear your head here's what you need.

2 lemons - skin removed
2 limes - skin removed
2 cloves garlic
a red chilli pepper
1 cup of spring water

stick them all into a blend and blitz away.
leave your concoction over night and then strain into a bottle the next morning
add about 1-2tbsp to a cup of hot water and swig away.

If you want to make it a much more palatable drink add something sweet, honey, sweet freedom or maybe a spoonful of maple syrup.

Happy Mornings to you all xx


  1. I must certainly give the lemon a go!...l also love this month of March, when everything is just beginnging to show its head in the garden...hope springs your blogs! Liz

  2. that does sounds like a health kick! garlic and red pepper....I have been having some honey and cider vinegar in some hot water, which sounds quite tame now, but is also adding a new healthier feeling. I might be brave and try yours, Heather x

  3. Dear Rachelle, Here I am sitting on our deck at not yet 7am. Believe me not my usual but I am delighting in waiting for the dawn to arrive. But as for your fresh morning drink I'm afraid not. I will stick to my green tea though I wish it was a creamy frothy hazelnut flat white. I am early this morning as I am going garage sale trawling with a friend.
    I am late in commenting on your last post dear Rachelle. Depression has been a part of my life for many years, so I am with you in your walk and wish you well. These days I am very well but still with a little help but that's ok.
    I am so excited about your book . Granny Chic is never far from me for a smile and inspiration as I endeavour to do the many crafts that call to me. Today at the garage sales I am hoping for doilies, linens, old jugs, vintage anything.
    Here's hoping you have a very joyfilled day and many to follow, blessings, Trills. X

  4. Definitely want to try this - thanks!

  5. I don't know how I'd function without tea in the morning. Ooh er. Might give this a go when the weather starts warming up.

  6. I have loved your blog over the last 12 months, the beautiful pictures and inspiring makes have helped me through a difficult time. I just wanted to be brave enough to say thank you! Lucy

  7. I actually like the sounds of your concoction...I will definitley be giving it a try since I recently gave up my two cups of coffee in the morning.

  8. It was lovely to have met you at Hope and Elvis workshop Rachel. Love your makings and your blog. Oh! all those bags which you brought with yourself and especially the book cover, just love it. x

  9. I just had to come back to let you know that I made your morning concoction,and my daughter and I love it! I add a bit of honey to mine, but my daughter goes for it just as it is. I actually enjoy the taste of it, and love the zing of the chili pepper. Thanks for posting this recipe!

  10. Happy Easter Rachelle. Hope your days are going well. I recently read your post about depression and was very moved. I have lived with a depressive mood disorder for over 30 yrs now. I never like to say suffer as it can instantly put a downer on ones life so I rather accept it as part of me and we ride the bad times and rejoice in the good times. I am glad to say that now at 66yrs it is 99 percent good times, very good. I will be in Yorkshire beginning of June if you would like to hook up please email me. I would love to have a coffee with you. Just love Granny Chic and am excitedly waiting for your new book. Go girl!
    Abundant blessings to you and yours, Trills.xx

  11. Hi again Rachelle. I am at present holed up in my daughters flat feeling very sorry for myself with a sick knee. Been to A&E twice now to see my GP back home on Mon, but looks like my trip to UK will have to be postponed. Anyway I am entertaining myself on my iPad and browsing your blog about your caravans. How about a post on Harold's progress. I'd love to see what you have done inside. Loved the enamel ware. Would love some for our house bus "Emmylou". Hope you are well and book progressing well. Blessings, Trills.xx

  12. Hello Rachelle. I've been following your delightful blog for some years now, but I'm not sure that I've ever left a comment, however I've been prompted to do so today. Here, in the land Down Under, Country Living magazine arrives a few months late, but finally the February issue has arrived and I've absolutely loved reading about someone I feel I have a prior connection with, and who shares my love of collecting and decorating with items I've rescued or I've sniffed-out in garage sales, etc.
    I do hope you are well, and that the next book is coming along fine.
    Enjoy your warmer months and all the delights they bring. Susan x


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