Wednesday, 11 September 2013


It seems that autumn is on the way and the mornings are getting a tad chilly. Slippers are on feet and walking round in just your nightie isn't for those who feel the cold. A self imposed ban of any heating being turned on until at least he 1st October calls for a few extra clothes but I don't want to break out the big guns woolly almost floor length cardy just yet as if I give in to the nip in the air when it gets really cold I 'won't feel the benefit' or so my nan would of said.

So rustling round in my vintage sheet stash of which there really isn't much of nowadays I found enough pieces including a couple of pillowcases to stitch myself up this fine autumn dressing gown.

Nothing beats using old bed sheets for nightwear, they are plenty washed and the fabric has a softness to it that makes them super comfy but sadly they are becoming so difficult to find in any decent yardage so I may have to find another solution for my night attire in the future

New Look : 6443 graded up to sz 18
Fabric : Vintage sheets & pillow cases

Meanwhile there are slippers being knit & crocheted for everyone, along with a hat or two to keep us warm as winter draws in. I hope you guys are keeping warm and enjoying this wonderful slip into Autumn...It feels like we really have had a 'seasons' this year what do you think?


  1. I love your mis-matched dressing gown, I call them 'frankenstein' makes...not that I'm suggesting you would look like a monster!...winter draws on? Eco Ethel xx

  2. I refuse to turn the heating on until October too Rachelle, but my, it is getting a bit parky, especially in the evenings. Love, love, love your dressing gown ... one made from flannelette sheets would be so snuggly xxx

    Love Claire xxx

  3. what a wonderful granny chic style Kimono gown! really gorgeous, Heather x

  4. Love the dressing gown! I make PJ pants from old sheets.

  5. Still no boiler here so couldn't turn the heating on if I wanted to!!!!

  6. I caved. I caved truely and utterly with my heating last night. And, to make it worse, I put it on under the guise of "clearing the pipes". The shame.

  7. It is 91° here today... and it isn't even the hottest part of the day yet.
    No heat for us...except outside.
    the vintage sheets turned dressing gown... would probably be nice and cool to wear here...with all that breathable cotton!
    I certainly like the colors and pattern.

  8. What a glorious vintage sheet gown, I'm sure it feels so soft and comfy, such a clever idea, thanks for sharing x Penny


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