Thursday, 8 August 2013


Now before we take off in our first 'Jolly Holliday' in Harold there is the important job of making sure we have everything we could possibly need to survive a few days away with the children & certain dog plus a few extras just in case. Because he is an old but rather sturdy fella his towing weight is a little bit heavier than most so I have to be mindful what I stack inside to keep us safe when pulling him on the road.

I have also been thinking about where I can save weight so that I can indulge in items like duvets & sheets rather than nasty nylon sleeping bag although I have stumbled across some rather lovely cotton ones on my browsing of the world wide shopping mall and my cogs are indeed turning to how I can make some of these for the children....

My first thoughts turned to food, prep and eating obviously and I have decided to go down the enamel route. Firstly because we already have quite a few items, secondly it is pretty light and last but most important in my mind is that there is nothing worse than eating your dinner off a plastic plate. Even if it is of the Gaydon/Melmex/melaware variety and Im not convinced that vintage plastic doesn't contain all manner of harmful chemicals that may make your ear fall off.

As you can imagine I couldn't possibly embark on a camping trip without this lovely set

prep set from Falcon Enamelware

or these

tumblers from Future & Found

and of course no trip would be complete with an enamel teapot for the hundreds of cups of tea that need to be consumed when dealing with small children in a confined space

teapot from Labor and Wait

I think the whole enamel white/blue colour combination will also sit well against the floral explosion which is slowly blossoming within the caravan walls and be a little more masculine for the 3 boys who hopefully not mention my floral loveliness.....more of that soon as there a few more cushion covers & bits to faff with and then i will snaps some pics an give Harold a post of his very own.

I have also started pinning a few of my lovely finds on my camping board HERE if you fancy a bit more inspiration x

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  1. Wishing you Happy Hols in the very handsome Harold ~ Sarah x


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