Saturday, 24 August 2013


This is a tale of luck....the kind of luck that has alluded me for most of my life. I actually won something. Now I am one of those people if there were only 2 tickets in a raffle mine would not be picked, if prizes were guaranteed then mine would be the smallest small plastic toy of the bunch and it would be broken. This has been my fate and I accepted it and was happy with my lot.

Now this tale begins with a trip to RHS Harlow Carr, a wonderful oasis near Harrogate....on wandering through the shop I spied these amazing fire bowls, oh how my heart jumped, there were tripods & grill pans, big cast iron tongs and the most attractive stands. My heart was stolen but alas my budget is tight and some saving would have to be done.

On returning home I couldn't get these bowls out of my head and had a gander on the internet and stumbled across the Kadai facebook page and ticked the box to like it.....thought no more on the subject and decided to put a few pounds aside for next summer.

Then one day a week or two ago I was having a quick scan of my news feed when there it was...the name on a piece of paper pulled from a bowl. I had won a fire bowl, fell off my chair and had to read the post several times to make sure it was actually me.

So the wonderful Emma at Kadai sent me this amazing bowl with all sorts of extras and we finally got around to cooking on it this weekend. Oh my its everything I wished it would be.

Wonderful pizza, perfect veggies and I even cooked some soda bread on it for the morning. Although the base was a little blackened the rest of the bread was soft and really rather perfect and quite wonderful with butter and strawberry jam.

Once we had feasted and drunk cups of coconut chai tea, partook in a little knitting the bowl kept everyone warm into the evening so that we could enjoy the amazing flowers we have been blessed with this year.....cant wait to fire it up again before the wonderful summer drifts into autumn

If you fancy a chance to win one yourself pop over to the Kadai facebook page and click that little like button and you never now your luck may change.....


  1. How fab...well done , lovely! Fire bowls are brilliant things. My hubby has made one for the garden from a chopped down boiler...sounds rubbish but looks fine!...and we can't wait to sit around it when the weather gets a bit more autumnal.xx

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations :) And the food you cooked looks so delicious! xx

  3. your blog is a delight .from hesta


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