Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Right then you lovely lot as you know I am off to Cybher this year to do my wee presentation on the process of writing a book with my wonderful buddy Tif, how our friendship came to be, how we found ourselves writing a book and various other interesting bits & bobs. So if you get the chance to attend its a fantastic day....

Now earlier in the year on one of her trips up north MsMarmitelover otherwise know as Kerstin came to stay for a couple of days filling the house with outrageous laughter, cooking, thrifting & marvellous stories and made me promise that if ever I was on my travels in that neck of the woods and should need a place to rest my head that I should give her a call.

picture from The English Can Cook

So that is indeed what I did when I needed somewhere to stay for this trip....Of course I was welcomed with open arms and then then Kerstin suggested wouldn't it be fun to do a 'granny chic' tea where people could come along to The Underground Restaurant  and sample some of Kerstins delicious creations, bring a crafty project or two & we could have a jolly nice evening.

If you would like to come along you can book tickets for the event here....see you there rx



  1. That sounds lovely - wish I wasn't so far away, from there and from you normally. It will be fantastic though and you will have a peachy time both in and out of cyber-space x


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