Saturday, 9 March 2013


I didn't get to spend much time in the garden last year and it really does show as spring starts to pop up around the place. The weeds have moved in and everything is looking rather down in the dumps.

Maude the caravan is halfway through a makeover and the chickens don't mind getting stuck in either and have been scratching their way into the record books with how much dirt, bark & stones they can move onto the grassed areas.

So when asked if there was anything special I might like for Mothers day it was a toss up between an apple tree or a rose bush...I went for the rose as I already have quite a few fledgling apple trees and can add to my collection myself but Violet would be keen to pick a pretty rose (thinking I am probably going to get a pink one).

Harlow Carr - image from David Austin 

My favourite place to oogle at roses is the David Austin collection where I have pondered & decided then changed my mind about which rose I would like so many times that I am not going to ask for a specific one ( at this point the control freak in me is trembling somewhat). I would just like something that smells nice and will hopefully grow on our wind swept hillside...


  1. Ooh the heady scent of roses in bloom - always reminds me of my grandparents garden where roses grew in abundance. This will be the first year of no longer smelling them, I may have to get one of my own! x

  2. Just wish it would get wee bit warmer, so that I can tackle the muddy wilderness that is my garden at the moment!


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