Saturday, 9 February 2013


White nylon lace, not the most converted of your haberdashery items. Rather one of those things that is looked at with horror, then stuck back on the shelf. The forsaken soul of the haberdashery & trimmings store.

Well I have a quantity of this unwanted lace, slightly odd in colour, a bright white that almost burns the back of your eyeballs out if you look too closely & some a bit greyish...brings back memories of those 1970's nylon knee high socks with some disney mouse printed on the side...the kind my mum would never let me have because they couldn't be boil washed in bio-tex to within an inch of their life!

Enter stage left these rather clever easifix all in one acid dyes. These chaps will dye protein fibres, silk, wool, nylon, mohair, angora, fur & feathers. They are colourfast and really easy to use and especially ideal for that dodgy vintage nylon lace....

All you need is a stainless steel pan, your dye, some white vinegar and a stove to bubble it all up on and away you go. (each dye will come with full instructions so no need to waffle on here)

Top Tips when using acid dyes

  • Always wash your items to be dyed first with low foaming detergent, I use my homemade washing powder and get good results but synthrapol or similar can be used.
  • Mix your dye in a small amount of hot water first before adding to your dye bath.
  • Double the amount of dye recommended in the instructions for really deep intense colours and I always add a splash of vinegar at the end and leave for 5 mins to exhaust all the dye into the fabric.
  • Always use stainless steel pans & utensils

Depending on the depth of shade you require it can take anything up to 30 minutes with minimal stirring here and there, which to be honest is super quick with stunning results.

These are a few lengths that I have been dyeing for the people attending 'the essential granny slip' workshops at The Stitching Rooms later in the year...and a yard or two may make its way onto one of my skirts.

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  1. Thanks for the tip!
    It's good to read and see what can really be done with dyeing synthetics.
    Your blog is full of interesting information and visual delight. Thanks again and have a lovely week.


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