Monday, 11 February 2013


I have been patiently waiting, waiting for a time when Violet was ready to get involved with stitching and all things crafty. Last night we lay in bed chatting about this and that when the subject of stitchery came up...

Violet - mummy when I am big can I sew all my clothes like you
Me - Of course you can, mummy is very excited about teaching you
Violet - I want a whole cupboard full of dresses
Me - Well we had best get started, shall we choose one tomorrow and I will get going
Violet - yes (*in a rather loud and giddy voice*)

So whilst eating breakfast before school Violet chose a book to ponder and we decided on a dress. A quick visit upstairs and she chose some material and I promised her I would get going straight away.

I have been desperate to give the patterns in Carefree Clothes for Girls a try, the smallest was a size 4 and while I could of graded it down I just don't have the time to faff about with children's clothes especially when they have grown out of them in a blink of an eye. So its one of the times I always use a ready made pattern. Back to the book...20 delightful patterns that I would say are all pretty easy going even for a beginner and there are clear instructions & diagrams. This dress took me 2 hrs including cutting out the pattern....instant gratification!
A Japanese craft book in style but with english text make it a staple on the shelf for those of you who are smitten with this crafty loveliness.

As you can see Violet was rather giddy on her return  home from early years group and wanted to try it on straight away deciding to do a wee dance accompanied by Stanley who wouldn't miss getting in on the act for anything...along with his marvellous wagging tail!

ps I would just like to say at this point that I won't be selling any of these dresses as I haven't drafted the seems of late that a few people have sprung up with clothes to sell using other peoples/bought patterns....please have a thought for the people who make and draft these patterns its quite a complicated process understanding blocks, ease, manipulating this & that to come up with the end great to use at home but not for selling...draft your own and if you can't, learn to or don't sell!


  1. Very lovely Rachelle, wish I could sew, must be a lovely feeling to have a brand new dress waiting when you get in from school!

    Have a wonderful week
    Claire xx

  2. Such a cute dress :) and a sweet model too :)

    I make many of my own frocks using a simple template I made myself - finished one at the weekend (blogging it tomorrow) and a 2nd is started :)

  3. Oh gorgeous! No wonder she was giddy! Love your little end note too. I do not sell clothes at this time, but even when showing things I have made on my blog, having used a pattern, I insist on giving full credit to the designer. It's only right! xo

  4. Hi Rachelle, that dress looks just lovely - no wonder she was doing a little twirly dance with Stanley :-)
    I dont make grown up clothes but I make clothes for dolls which I love, & I dream of one day having a little grandaughter to make dresses for !!!! Love the fabric she has chosen too. Happy sewing - Julie :-)

  5. This is lovely, I would happily wear a dress like that :) xx
    Ps agree with you, drafting a pattern is a tricky business...just looking at my morplan set square brings me out in a sweat xxxxx

  6. That's completely lovely...if only I had a daughter to dress! or any kind of sewing skills.

  7. Terribly exciting indeed!! And it looks fantastic! :)

  8. Likey, likey. Do you think I could manage these?!

  9. Lovely post - and agree with your comments re pattern drafting although my Morplan PatternMaster is my favourite tool ever! And I have had it since I was 19 when I started my first job for Next as a pattern cutter. Mrs Thriftwood, get your arse to class :)

  10. I just LOVE, LOVE your blog! Thank you!

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