Monday, 22 October 2012


In my bid to try to get organised for Christmas (a thing that I try every year & always fail dreadfully) I decided to 'have a go' at making some homemade sweets to put into pretty packages & make up into a hamper of joy...

Gourmet marshmallows seem to be the 'thing' at the moment but seem to have a bad rap in that they are really hard to make. So I dug out a recipe that had been ferreted away many eons ago and decided to try it out in my quest to create my very own homemade sweet shop.

Mentally preparing myself for a sticky, messy disaster I followed the relatively simple instructions and 30 minutes later had the most delightful, fluffy pillows of sugary goodness...obviously after the first bite there was no stopping me and a rummage through the cupboard produced various ingredients which I felt would make fine marshmallows....

So far these have been my favourite flavours

Earl grey was quite sublime but they got scoffed before I got the camera out...So if you fancy a go at making these fluffy sweet pillows of joy then here is the recipe


100g (31/2oz) granulated sugar
1 sachet (approx 10g) gelatine
180g golden syrup
85mls water
1tbsp icing sugar - 1tbsp cornflower mixed together

1. Mix gelatine in a heatproof bowl with 85mls of cold water stir a little and put to one side.
2. Measure golden syrup directly into mixing bowl
3. Place bowl of gelatine over a saucepan of boiling water and stir until the gelatine has dissolved, then add the granulated sugar and keep stirring until that has also dissolved
4. Using the ballon whisk in the mixer, turn onto the highest setting and pour the gelatine mix steadily into the bowl. (i haven't tried with a hand whisk but I am sure it would work...your arm may well fall off but the marshmallows are yummy worth it)
5. Continue to whisk for 15-20mins or until the mixture is thick & glossy
6. Whilst mixture is whisking prepare a small square tin by placing a layer of cling film inside, paying attention to the corners and sift over half of the icing sugar & cornflower mix.
7. When the marshmallow mixture is ready, transfer it into the tin, smoothing it until level and leave to set for 20-30mins
8. Sift the rest of the cornflour/icing sugar onto a flat surface & turn the tin over to release the marshmallow. Gently pull off the cling film and cut into squares, hearts or small dinosaurs...
9. Keep them sealed in a box & they will last for several weeks...that's if they last the hour!
10. Most delicious plopped onto a cup of milky hot choc...

* I have tried a vegetarian option but no success yet I will keep on it though...

If you fancy experimenting with flavours here are a few tips

- replace the 85g water with tea, juice, fruit puree etc be careful to keep the amount to 85g
- add powdered ingredients after you have added the liquid to the golden syrup
- any choc chips, biscuits or peels etc fold in after you have finished whisking

A few flavours we have tried so far
* lemon cheesecake, replace water with lemon juice, add zest & crushed digestives at end
* choc chip cookie - add spoonful of cocoa & then choc chips at end
* raspberry & white choc - replace water with raspberry puree, add choc chips at end
* Spiced Apple - replace water with apple juice & add 1/2 tsp cinnamon, nutmeg & ginger

and we have loads more ideas & sure you will have happy sweet making x


  1. i am waiting with joy for the vegan version :)
    t x

  2. Wowie, that sounds very do-able Rachel! I think Miss M. and myself might give this one a go! :-)
    And by the way, congrats on all the awesome book news, newspaper articles and the likes. What exciting times for you guys! :-)

  3. Ooo, I've been wanting to try this for ages, thanks for the encouragement! They would make lovely little packages too, you could wrap them in cellophane bags with cute ribbon ties and give them with some fancy hot chocolate. You should definitely show us your finished presents!

  4. I look forward to hearing about your success with the vegetarian version........ X

  5. What a ruddy marvellous idea- thank you so much for sharing this! I will whip up some along with my usual Christmas makes- peppermint creams, gingerbread snowflakes and chilli jam. We've also got green tomato chutney and sloe gin for edible gifts this year too!

  6. Yes, i think I may try make some as gifts this year...along with tubs of my homemade ice cream! What sort of gelatin did you use? Beef or vegetable? Thanks!

  7. Wow. So impressed. Maybe a pop-up sweet shop could be your next venture??

    How about Turkish Delight next (no pressure) x


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