Wednesday, 16 November 2011


A bottle of delicious flavoured spirit is always a welcome gift & this year I am making some Vanilla Honey Vodka

What is needed.....

A bottle of half decent cheap, tastes cheap even with delicious flavourings

Good quality honey, from a local beekeeper if you can because then at least you know its not blended with some dubious imported sugar syrup from far off climes. I am using some of our own honey which has a lovely deep caramel taste.....

Vanilla pod, you can use 2 for an extra vanilla kick

A nice bottle....remember this is a gift so make it special

Pop the vanilla pod into the jar
Using a funnel add a good glug of honey ( a tbsp or 2) warm it a little first
Add Vodka, seal & give the jar a good shake
Set aside in a cool dark place.
Most infusions take from 7-10 days but it depends how strong you want the flavour.
The only way to know if the infusion is ready is to have a sip every now & again.

Add a fancy label & a lick of ribbon & there you have it a wonderful Homemade gift


  1. Luuuvely! The hard part for me is to part not with the drink itself but with the lovely bottles...! #wrong

  2. This sounds lovely. I'm bored of sloe gin & cherry vodka etc. Do you usually sterilise the bottles first or not worry because of the alcohol content? x

  3. Hi Emma
    To be honest I just washed the bottles in soapy water & rinsed them with boiling water. I figured the alcohol would take care of the rest...its a lovely tipple esp if you slightly warm it rxx

  4. Sounds great do you add anything to it when you are drinking it - sorry not a vodka drinker so don't know. Going to make some for Chrissie gifts.


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