Friday, 28 March 2014


Crocus are blooming and the little yellow trumpets are waving their heads about calling out that spring its on its way. There I am the same every year eager to welcome back the light and cast off the shackles of layers, stop lighting fires and switch off the radiators only to suffer for most of March as it turns nippy again, everyone is freezing and I'm cold to my bones....never will I learn!

Recently I revisited an old morning ritual of lemon in hot water, it somehow got lost over the childhood years and was replaced with some rather strong coffee...two cups at least to give me strength to cope with early morning feeds, breakfast and general chaos.

There is a lot to be said for the humble slice of lemon in hot water to start your day but this time I have super charged it to hopefully give me a bit of a zing and a boost to my immune system.

A blend of lemons, limes, ginger, a clove or two of garlic and a red pepper taken in hot water every morning certainly has been an acquired taste but I am actually starting to enjoy it ( tho truth be told the last couple of mouthfuls have to be glugged down pretty quickly) and who knows whether it is doing any good or not but I do feel a little sparkier most mornings which feels like a return to my former self.

I was always up with the lark, an early riser enjoying the quiet time of the day before the world stirred but the last couple of years have seen a shift in my patterns and late night crappy film watching & struggling to get out of bed have become more the norm. I don't like it and I need to swap things around.

So if you fancy pulling a bit of a face in the morning but want to clear your head here's what you need.

2 lemons - skin removed
2 limes - skin removed
2 cloves garlic
a red chilli pepper
1 cup of spring water

stick them all into a blend and blitz away.
leave your concoction over night and then strain into a bottle the next morning
add about 1-2tbsp to a cup of hot water and swig away.

If you want to make it a much more palatable drink add something sweet, honey, sweet freedom or maybe a spoonful of maple syrup.

Happy Mornings to you all xx

Monday, 24 March 2014


The last few weeks have been a time of pondering and collecting thoughts. I have started writing a post or two and then drifted off to some other pressing matter and nothing seemed to feel right or fit. But this morning I awoke to a nippy day but the sky was bright blue and I skipped out of bed, yes skipped not dragging my tired body from under the warm duvet and another round of some ridiculously stupid game involving fruits.


  • The book is written other than one last photoshoot and the editing I can clear my mind of that and finish up the 3rd one.
  • I am re-opening my online shop very soon...finally all those lovely emails I have received have worn down my resolve but I will be doing things rather differently this time which will include no custom orders. I am just not organised enough ;)
  • Since Christmas I have only taken 3 anti depressants this was the final stage of the tapering off and I have been completely free of medication for 2 months this feels like such a great achievement and I will write more about it later in case it could help any of you that contacted me before or indeed anyone fighting with the dreaded depression.
  • I finally saved enough to get my high speed blender so be prepared to be bored with all sorts of interesting concoctions and recipes.
  • My Stitching Rooms dream has been put on hold because I just can't find the right premises and I really can't waste any more time going to meetings or looking. When the time is right something perfect will pop up and it will be go go go.
  • There has been much planting & plotting, measuring and sketching in my head and plans are afoot to press on with the garden. A promise that I make every year and something comes along and throws a spanner in the works. My main goal for this year is to get a flatish space created to pitch the bell tent for the kids (and me) to camp out in over the summer. 
Well my friends its good to be back and hope to be in the back into the flow of things soon....

Friday, 14 March 2014


Tend Magazine

comment number 12...the lovely Kim from The Dress Tree
and for all those lovely peeps that missed out remember you can still buy a copy with a fab 20% discount using the code TEDANDAGNES20 which is valid until 20th March 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Tend Issue 1 Front Cover

A brand new alternative to all those dull and over styled magazines jammy packed onto the newsagents shelves that you flick through hoping to find something that you actually want to read.

This is the brain child of Debbie - author of the my so called life and other lies blog. Along with some amazing other people and a whole group of contributors they have beavered away for the last year and I think have really hit the ground running.

If like me you are really rather fed up with what is currently on offer, the do read on.

Tend aims to make a connection between your head, hands and heart. To nourish your soul and inspire you to get busy and create a better life for you and your clan. 

Not only does it look totally amazing there is substance behind the articles, there is thought provoking writing and the hope that you will seek to change small bits & bobs in your life to make it just a little bit better.

No hair shirts or hey nonny nonny whatnot here either its mindful living for the modern age. Aiming to be a aspirational & design-led quarterly mag I think have hit the nail on the head.

So whats on offer...well issue 1 is bursting at the seams with a little something for everyone - ideas for your abode, pottering in the garden, craft, great things to munch while looking out for your health, parenting, pre-school and so much more.

TEND free seed packet download

It also includes a giveaway...a fab printable seed packet template and if you sign up for the newsletter a rather super bird embroidery pattern.


If like me you can't wait for the chance to win a copy and want a ganders right now then you can grab a copy here and by using the code TEDANDAGNES20 at the checkout receive a great 20% discount.

TEND issue 1

TEND issue 1

TEND issue 1

Ps don't forget to pop on over to Patch of Puddles, the next in line on the TEND blog hop 

Monday, 10 February 2014


Just popping in to say hello and yes I am still alive....frozen but still pottling on.
Tea & very simple, no thought required crochet has been my friend of late along with that most refreshing afternoon cup of ceylon. Pale and refreshing, none of that nasty tannin laden, stewed to oblivion builders tea here...its a crime to treat tea leaves in that way a crime...

What tea do you like to drink with hook in hand...xox

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


2013 was a year of rather proud moments for me along with a few lows but hey thats life isn't it...but there is one that has been scribbled right at the top of the list in big fat capital letters, one that popped onto my doormat yesterday afternoon, one that rounded up the year nicely a most wonderful spread in Country Living Magazine.

I am rather proud of this achievement because I have wished it for so long, not because I want to see myself in a magazine, not because I want to revel or show off or crave any kind of limelight but because I wanted to give something back, I wanted to inspire folks like others have inspired me. To read an article and go grab my paint brush straight away or shift stuff about my abode so it pleases the eye. A tonic when I needed a fresh view, which when you work and spend a lot of time at home can often bring all creative thought to a grinding halt.

Over the years Country Living has inspired me each month as I flipped its pages, it has introduced me to all sorts of things that I may never have stumbled across. Stories of makers, farmers, rural issues and various whatnot kept me enthralled but I always felt that much of it was out of reach and not truly obtainable for those of us with normal household budgets, a monthly juggling of finances and decided on whose school shoes could last another month...I mean how many of us have a coach house that we can turn into a studio. This is the reason I wanted to share my success in a magazine that has played a part in inspiring my journey.

What I hope is that folks will read my article and ponder my pictures and believe that they can if they so wish grab a bit of inspiration and pottle around their own homes for very few pennies. Do what you want to do and stop worrying about all the moaners and procrastinators around you (I include myself in that group when I'm in one of those moods!)

So my goals for 2014 are to shove out any negative influences that whitter on in my ear and smack that eject button pushing them out of my life and roll with it. We all choose what path we want to take, I am going to knuckle down get my books written and on their way, change my house about at every opportunity, finally sort my garden out...this year I promise myself, continue my battle to reduce my darn pills ( this involves eating a potato before bed...more on that later) and potter through each day.

So on that note here are my wonderful pictures styled by the fabulous Caro and snapped by the equally lovely Cath and a huge thanks also to Sue who wrote the tale and I think got over the essence of my everyday crazy. So go buy the magazine thats out on 3rd Jan cause as my pictures are crappity crap....
I would also like to say a big fat thank you to all those that share their homes, makes, this and that usually for nowt cause you lot constantly ignite a spark, that often becomes a crazy idea and usually involves my boys shifting stuff about.

So here's to 2014 and lets hope its a ruddy good year....x

Friday, 22 November 2013


to say I won't be around for a bit as I have just agreed to write my 3rd book which will end up being my 2nd book and my 2nd book will become my 3rd....if that makes sense and I am on a bit of a tight can still keep up with handmade 365 on instagram and there maybe some random posts here and there and I do have some exciting projects and chit chat to share with you all when I get a moment or two .....til then xx